Instant Machine Translation

We are waiving the fees for Instant Machine Translation service during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Invoice details are required to create your account in our system, however you will not be charged to use the instant machine translation service

Unlike other free translation tools in the public sphere, Our Instant Machine Translation is extremely secure which allow your to translate confidential information, without risking the data being retained by the service provider.
Instant Machine Translation tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence and provides users with high quality instant translation.

Key Features:

  • Security
    thebigword provide an extremely secure Machine Translation,
    ensuring all your internal and confidential information is not
    risking the data being retained by the service provider.
  • Efficiency
    Instant MT process is a seamless process that provides a high
    quality outcome, within seconds of implementing your data.
  • Quality
    Our tools automatically measure and report on the quality of
    our machine learning workflows and engines providing our
    clients with higher quality translation.
intant MT

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thebigword' powerful Translation Management System (TMS) allows you managed our your translation projects in one simple platform, from Machine Translation to complex enterprise translation workflows. 

Service available in TMS:

  • Machine Translation powered by AI
  • Crowed sourced translations
  • Human translations
  • Specialised translations
  • Highly secured Translation Editor
  • Translation Memory and Terminology management
  • Review Tool
  • Workflow automation