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thebigleaders is a community of language leaders, joining forces at a series of events and forums, to engage, inspire and drive innovation in the localisation industry. This committee of professionals will have the opportunity to discuss key localisation challenges, case studies and best practice.

As a global company with a large variety of both Enterprise and Regulated clients across the world, thebigword will facilitate peer to peer discussion and encourage a community collaboration across worldwide industry experts.


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Here’s all the good stuff


Proactively engage and network with like-minded individuals in the localisation industry. Develop stronger relationships through the discussion of challenges, case studies, best practice and the future of localisation.


Enrich others in the localisation industry by sharing your unique backgrounds, approaches and experience in the field through a variety of event initiatives. Gain exclusive insight to new products and technology, and inspire development on an international scale.


Lead talks on your localisation journey and partake in complimentary training with your peers. Engage with a community of professionals and partake in speaking opportunities, round table events and group discussions.

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thebigword is the number one public sector language service provide. thebigword Group is the largest interpreting service provider in Europe specialising in managing the highly demanding requirements of regulated sectors

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Working with 80% of the top 100 global brands. Our WordSynk system, powered by AI language technology delivers innovative language solutions that cut cost and improve speed in order to take your brand global.


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What our customers say

"I think it is a great initiative. I really liked getting to see the best practices of what other companies are doing, independently of their industry. It was great to see the processes! "

“Great concept! To see this chain of knowledge between clients and thebigword!"

“It was great to meet people who have had similar problems and similar ideas, who have made the same journey and solved them!"


Need clarification?

Will I have to be a speaker at the event if I join the community?

As part of your membership you will be invited to attend and speak, if you wish, at exclusive events, have the opportunity to partake in complimentary training and receive newsletters to showcase member experience and expertise.

How do I become a panellist at an event?

To become a panellist at our next thebigleaders event just contact us at thebigleaders@thebigword.com 

How often are thebigleaders events held?

We will be holding our virtual event every quarter. The next event will be 30th September  2021. Sign up now by email thebigleaders@thebigword.com.